Nature of Jokkmokk “PORJUS” (The Northern Lights Festival '09)
"The Northern Lights Festival" was held in Porjus, SWEDEN!
Poster Date : Saturday, March 7th, 2009
Place : Laponia Porten & Arctic Colors Galleri
Sponsored by JOKKMOKK Kommun
Arranged by Patricia Cowern

Speakers at Laponia Porten
  MAEJIMA Yoshinori : member of this website
  Jean Francois Clervoy : French astronaut, ESA
  Ingrid Sandahl : professor, IRF Kiruna

Painters at Arctic Colors Galleri
Oliver Aevar from Iceland
  Marijke Sjollema from Holland

An engineer, an astronaut, a professor, a photographer and several painters, gathered from all ends of the world and met in what was truly a worldwide festival!

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